Virtual Designer

Decorate in real time.
See today how tomorrow will look like.

What is Lahoma’s Virtual Designer?

It is a browser based & mobile 3D Gaming Solution that allows your customers to combine your photorealistic 3D models in inspiring, interactive room scenes.

Partnership with Epic Games

The software was developed in cooperation with Epic Games, using the Unreal Engine which is the Leader in photorealistic, graphical rendering in the industries Gaming, Architecture, Movies and now eCommerce.

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Retailer Benefits

Increase in Sales

Each $1 spent on Virtual Designer sessions contributes $3.50  to your bottom line through increased sales conversion, cross-sell and up-sell.

Customer Insights

Use our provided dashboards or connect the Virtual Designer streams to your Analytic Tools to generate valuable customer insights on customers tastes and product combinations.

Customer Registration

Saving designs means customers register their profile with you and provide their emails.

Customer Case Study

Our customer Schaffrath shares their experience with our custom-made solutions, designed to meet their specific needs.

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Marc Fahrig, CEO Schaffrath

The customer feedback from our Virtual Designer has been fantastic! The products look great and our customers love combining them in the stylish room scenes. We’ve received a lot of new customer appointments which has lead to increasing sales.

One 3D Model, infinite opportunities to inspire