Terms & Conditions for the Lahoma Online Interior Design Service

  • 1.   The Service Partner is called Lahoma of 18 Elm Court, Lissadell Park, Co. Sligo, available at https://www.lahoma.com and they provide a design service to natural legal Persons, henceforth called Customers.

  • 2.   The Furniture Retailer details are located on the link from which the original information call appointment was booked.

  • 3.   Irish law applies exclusively, even if the customer has his company or domicile abroad. The place of jurisdiction for all claims and legal disputes between the agency and the customer arising from the contractual relationship is, as far as legally permissible, the registered office of the Service Provider.

  • 4.   The Customer and Service Partner are from now on called Parties.

  • 5.   These terms and conditions apply to the Online Interior Design Service by Lahoma as available on the Lahoma.com website.

  • 6.   The online interior design for your home advice/service and is tailored for private customers only.

  • 7.   The Customer will have the opportunity to order furniture from the Furniture Retailer following the consultation – Lahoma are not party to this contract which is between Customer and Furniture Retailer only.

  • 8.   Services are limited in time, as detailed below, and the process is outlined as follows:

Step Number Description Time
1 Free Informational Discussion (Optional) 30 mins, within 5 working days of request
2 Customer pays Lahoma fee (lahoma.com/product/interior-design-service/) and Lahoma sends request for information to the Customer 5 mins
3 Customer delivers Email and Style Quiz with Design Brief and desired appointment 45 mins
4 Preparation Call 30 mins, within 5 working days of request
5 1st Design Iteration Delivery including Customer feedback 30 mins, within 5 working days of request
6 2nd Design Iteration Delivery (Optional on Request) 30 mins, within 5 working days of request
7 Process finished and design is forwarded to Furniture Retailer to get voucher & arrange appointment Within 5 working days of Design Delivery
  • 9.   During the appointments the Designer will assist the Customer in discussing solutions and ideas, while suggesting products from the digitised Furniture Retailer’s range based on the measurements, photographs and style cues provided and budget by the Customer. As an output the Customer will receive

  •    i.   An initial Design Iteration based on the style quiz received from the customer

  •    ii.   Online interior design advice: During the consultations, the designer will give interior design advice, present a product collage and/or shopping           list, and suggest other changes to the room if requested by the customer e.g. wall colouring, curtains etc.

  •    iii.   A basic 2D floorplan if discussing layout and measurements are provided prior to or during the call.

  •    iv.   A set of photorealistic renderings of the Customer’s room, based on 3D elevations and views.

  •    v.   A final shopping list complete with product links to the Furniture Retailer’s website.

  • 10.   The Customer will receive one design option  followed by one design change iteration only. If a subsequent redesign is required, due to suitability or product availability, this will incur a charge of the original booking fee and arranged at the designers‘ next available opportunity.

  • 11.   The Customer should review the specifications on the Furniture Retailer website and product instructions to decide on the suitability of the products for the customer’s intended use. The Customer accepts that no additional warranties or consumer rights relating to the product beyond those given in the Furniture Retailer terms and conditions of sale shall apply. Any such warranties, express or implied, are hereby fully excluded.

  • 12.   The Service must be booked by following the instructions in the email sent. using the web planner which can be found on the website. Once the booking is confirmed, an online survey will need to be completed a minimum 48 hours prior to the first appointment in order to help the Designer with regards to what room(s) the services are required for, what the needs of the room(s) are, and the design styles preferred.

  • 13.   The Customer must provide measurements for the room(s) along with images of the room(s) they want advice on 48 hours prior to the first appointment which allows the Designer to prepare in advance. Lahoma accepts no liability for room dimension accuracy provided by the Customer.

  • 14.   Any uploaded images/files will be stored by Lahoma and used internally for ideation purposes.

  • 15.   All Design Results produced through Lahoma’s Interior Design Services are solely owned by Lahoma.

  • 16.   The services are subject to a fee of € 250.

  • 17.   The customer may cancel the service within 14 days from receipt of payment, or before Preparation Call  is completed, whichever is sooner.

  • 18.   Lahoma reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time before the appointment. Lahoma shall use reasonable endeavours to provide the customer with advance notice of any cancellation. However, in any circumstances where an appointment is cancelled, the customer will be offered a new appointment or a refund if no new date could be agreed.

  • 19.   The customer may cancel the appointment at any time before the appointment is scheduled by emailing, interiordesign@lahoma.com. Attempts will be made to reschedule the appointment within a four-week period pending availability.

  • 20.   It cannot be guaranteed that the customer will always find suitable products, or that everything will be available at the time of purchase. If a redesign is required, this will incur a charge of the original booking fee and arranged at the designers‘ next available opportunity. The design can be reworked up to five years from the original design date however, if the Customer would like us to keep a copy of the 3D Rendering on file.

  • 21.   Any products mentioned from external suppliers or sole traders suggested by the Designer to implement the Service are utilised at the customers own discretion and risk and are therefore excluded from the scope of these Terms and Conditions. Any products from external suppliers or sole traders are recommended for the customers own convenience only. Lahoma has no control over external suppliers or sole traders and accepts no legal responsibility for any products purchased from external suppliers or sole traders. Any reference to any external supplier or sole trader does not mean that Lahoma endorses that third party’s website, products or services. The customer’s use of that external suppliers or sole traders website, product or service shall be governed by the terms and conditions of that external supplier or sole trader and is at the customer’s own risk.

  • 22.   Designers cannot create custom or modified solutions for Customers and are limited to suggesting Lahoma Furniture Retailer’s products designed for their intended use only. To match items already present in the rooms, Lahoma will use its asset repository to match the target items on a best endeavours basis – an exact match will not be possible.

  • 23.   Lahoma reserves the right to withdraw the Service or amend these conditions at any time without notice.

  • 24.   Customer data will be processed in accordance with Lahoma’s privacy policy, details of which are available on the following website https://lahoma.com/dataprivacystatement.