Join the Metaverse
„The Metaverse is a further convergence of our physical and digital lives“

Cathy Hackl
Metaverse Expert and Tech-Futurist

Furniture industry in Metaverse

This is an exciting opportunity for the furniture industry because it is only a question of time until everyone wants to furnish their homes in the Metaverse. You can already buy land and other consumer goods such as fashion in the Metaverse. That is why we see a huge potential for the furniture industry.

Lahoma in the Metaverse

Be one of the first to bring your furniture into the Lahoma`s Metaverse Store. Lahoma can sell your products in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Big brands already in Metaverse

These brands demonstrate highly innovative ways to connect with their customers. By being first to the metaverse, these companies show how marketing can be fun and engaging.

Benefits of Metaverse

Be part of the future

The Metaverse brings new customers and new opportunities.

Join Metaverse today

Lahoma’s produces 3D Models compatible for the Metaverse.

Sell your Furniture

Not just virtual but real furniture.

How the shopping experience in the Metaverse could look like

Walmart shows what the Metaverse shopping experience could look like in a video. This could be realized in a similar way in the furniture industry.

One 3D Model, infinite opportunities to inspire

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