Your product’s digital twin

Buy one 3D model, get many applications.

Use the latest 3D technology to improve your product presentation.

Different Applications

Furnish in real time! Sell your furniture in style with the latest 3D technology.
All products in the Virtual Designer are available for immediate purchase. Combined with analytic tools, you always know what your customer likes. No matter if you have 10 or 100.000 products, you can digitize your complete catalogue and present it in awesome 3D rooms.

Present your furniture in beautiful 3D images!
Stay in trend with 3D images that not only will save you time and money, but have endless possibilities of product presentation. This technology offers competitive advantages in the Market and you can help increase your sales.

Customers experience your products in their own room!
Present your products as photorealistic 3D models that are VR & AR compatible. With augmented reality, customers can experience the products before they buy them. The AR function is easy to use on your browser with no app needed.

3D Animations that are too good to be true!

Stunning 3D Animations that allow new products to be easily and rapidly integrated into existing rooms scenes, saving you time and money. Fire the imagination of your customers with our breathtaking 3D Animations. 

How it works

Send pictures

Send us pictures of the product you wish to have in 3D

3D – Modeling

We will create a photorealistic 3D Model of your
product in whichever format you require.

Stylish pictures

Your clients will be able to experience your products through any of our four State of the Art 3D Solutions. Choose from the Virtual Designer, CGI, AR or 3D & VR Tours. Select the blend of solutions that work for your channels to transform your customers‘ shopping experience!

One 3D model, four “State of the Art” Solutions

Read more on how Lahoma can allow you to create stunning 3D content by combining the Virtual Designer, CGI, Augmented Reality, as well as VR & 3D Tours

Virtual Designer

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Augmented Reality

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VR & 3D Tours

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Use the latest 3D technology to improve your product presentation. Buy one 3D model, get many applications.

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