CGI Content

Get thousands of stylish CGI Content pictures with your products for your eCommerce and Social Media.

How to use CGI Content?

Photorealistic Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) product renders are an ideal image solution. It eliminates the need for shipping physical samples, and content can be created weeks before a physical product is even produced and adapted if products are no longer available.
CGI offers multiple opportunities to bring your products into eCommerce.

Shop the Look

Marketing / Social Media

Printed Material

Website Content

3D Room Tours

How is CGI content created?

In three easy steps you will get your products in CGI Content

1. Make a furniture selection

Choose products from your range. Maybe you already have 3D models that we can use directly, otherwise check our 3D Model page.

2. Choose your room

We have endless types of rooms in different styles, colors or ambience. Choose your favorites from them.

3. Enjoy CGI content

Get CGI content with your products for all content platforms. Whether print, social media or web – you can use CGI content everywhere.

Benefits of CGI Content

No Photoshootings

Avoid costly photoshootings and create content for all channels

Promote new trends faster

Speak individually to all your customers with many possible combinations and different trends

See it. Buy it.

Every 3D Product can be chosen from your gallery and purchased directly by your clients

Alexander Simon – Inter Link SAS, Creative Director Marketing & Design

“We are really happy to be working with Lahoma who do work that looks fantastic and is unbelievably quick and flexible. For us it has solved a huge problem of having beautiful content exactly when we need it!”

Mag. Melanie Hochreiter – Boden Outlet, Marketing Manager

“We really enjoyed the collaboration with Lahoma on the project. Something like this would have been unthinkable with our usual Photo-Shooting process.”

One 3D Model, infinite opportunities to inspire