3D Model

Invest in the future and make use of a 3D Model of your products, across our multiple 3D Services

What is a 3D Model?

Create a digital twin of all your products and explore State of the Art technologies for E-Commerce purposes. Cut costs and get the best out of your 3D Model furniture with our 3D products: Virtual Designer, CGI Content, Augmented Reality, Interior Design Services & more.

How to get a 3D Model

In easy three steps you will be able to get your products as 3D Models to join the future of eCommerce.

1. Photograph your products

Either placed in a showroom or anywhere else, photograph your products following our easy manual and start the process of digital duplicating your catalogue.

2. Get your 3D Model

Receive a dimensionally accurate and photorealistic 3D digital twin of your product in whichever format you require

3. Enjoy any 3D Service

Discover the wide variety of services that are compatible with your new 3D Model and the possibilities to evolve your eCommerce

Retailer benefits of 3D Models

Whole product range digitized

Have available digital twins of all your products and explore all the content creation to aid your marketing campaigns

The metaverse is coming

Invest in the future of eCommerce retailing and explore what it can do for your brand positioning

Wide variety to engage online with your clients

Utilize the same model in all our Services. Allow your clients to experience your products directly from home.

One 3D Model, infinite opportunities to inspire